Latest Tweets

The Latest Tweets block allows you to showcase the four most recent tweets of a chosen Twitter handle. To add the Latest Tweets block, click the “+” symbol and search for “Latest Tweets”. Then, select the Latest Tweets block icon.

latest tweets block search with "+" button and block icon button highlighted with a red box

Editing a Latest Tweets block

The block editor for the Testimonial block has fields for an optional title and a Twitter handle.

The default title for the block is “Our Latest Tweets”. To change the title, select the text and begin typing.

The Latest Tweets block in the WordPress editor with the Latest Tweets text highlighted.

In the block tab of the inspector panel, add the Twitter handle. The Twitter handle can be found in two places on the Twitter webpage:

  1. The username of the page displayed after the “@” sign under a twitter profile picture.
  2. The username that appears at the end of a unique twitter URL. (Ensure to enter just the handle and not the entire URL ( “HoyasFB” and not “”)).
The inspector panel for the Latest Tweets block with the Handle field highlighted in a red box.

Latest Tweets Example

The Our Latest Tweets block displaying the four latest tweets from Georgetown.