Latest Tweets Block

The Latest Tweets blocks allows you to showcase the four most recent tweets of a chosen Twitter handle on your page.

To add a Latest Tweets block, click on the “+” button in the editor to add a new block and add the block labeled “Latest Tweets”.

Show the appearance of the latest tweets block once added in the editor.

Once you add the block in the editor, the block will open with the field for the latest tweets block title automatically filled with “Our Latest Tweets”. Change to desired title (Optional).

In the block settings side panel in the editor, under the “Twitter Handle” tab you will see a field to add your desired Twitter handle. The Twitter handle can be found in two places on the Twitter webpage:

  1. the username of the page displayed after the “@” sign under a twitter profile picture.
  2. the username that appears at the end of a unique twitter URL. (Ensure to enter just the handle and not the entire URL ( “HoyasFB” and not “”)).

Example of Latest Tweets Block