Timesheet & Payroll Information

  • Successful Georgetown hiring and payroll processing is deadline driven. To ensure that your hourly student workers are paid correctly you must meet the deadlines for each bi-weekly payroll period as published in the GU Hire Calendar.
  • The FWSA Tracker spreadsheet can help your student employees with a Federal Work Study Award (FWSA) to calculate the estimated hours they can work using their FWSA and to keep track of their hours and earnings. Feel free to use this tool as you work with your students to plan their schedule and track their FWSA throughout the year.
  • The current Federal Work Study funding split for FY2022 is 80% FWS funds and 20% departmental funds for the majority of on-campus positions. Departments are responsible for paying 100% of a FWS student’s wages at the time those wages are earned, after which reimbursements for 80% of the total wages earned are processed quarterly. Any wages earned above the maximum amount of the award will be paid 100% by departmental funds.