Wage Rates & Compensation Bands

Georgetown University is committed to complying with the District of Columbia Minimum Wage and the various labor laws as mandated by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Currently, the minimum wage in the District of Columbia is $15.20/hour (starting July 1, 2021). Hourly Student Compensation Grades can be found here.

All Georgetown University sponsored positions will pay at least Washington, DC mandated minimum wage. We also strive to maintain that our part-time jobs board, HoyaWorks!, complies with this policy as well. We vet all postings to meet this minimum wage, with the exception of the District of Columbia’s Tipped-Wage rate. Please view the U.S. Department of Labor (new window) for all standard wages across the country, including tipped-wages.

Georgetown University part-time hourly employees, including student employees, should view the updated pay-structure effective Fall 2021. The streamlined bands should allow managers and employees to more easily identify which band they fall into. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the pay-bands, please contact SEO directly.