Payroll / Employee Reimbursement Policies, Procedures, Guides & Forms


This policy provides guidance related to the review and reconciliation of Federal Work Study (FWS) Program accounting review and reconciliation process.

If a payroll check is lost, stolen, or has incorrect information on it, Georgetown University ensures that Payroll issues a replacement check timely to the employee in the correct amount and with the correct information. 

This policy covers the creation, administration, reconciliation, transfer, and closing of petty cash and imprest checking accounts.

The purpose of this policy is to establish the rules for the University‚Äôs accountable plan and outline the tax treatment of cash advances and expenses reimbursements.

This policy addresses payments for and reimbursements of business travel expenses. To be in compliance with IRS Publication 463, the employee must adequately account for expenses within 60 days after the expense was paid or incurred.

University policy and procedures for identifying, remedying and recouping salary overpayments to University employees.  

The University recognizes its legal obligation to make payment to the employee on pay day. To accomplish this, the University encourages employees to subscribe to direct deposit. For employees that do not subscribe to direct deposit, the University will print paper checks, and those checks will be made available to employees on pay day.


GMS Onboarding Guide

IRS Withholding Calculator

Payroll Accounting Adjustment Quick-Reference Guide


IRS Form W-4

Georgetown W-2 Request Form(for former employees)

Stale-Dated Check Form

Stop Payment/Replacement Check Request Form