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Reimbursements for business travel is covered in Policy FA 112 Employees should obtain approval of travel plans and anticipated expenditures prior to making final travel arrangements via the Pre-Travel Registration Form submitted to their supervisor, relevant fiscal and/or budget officer, or as defined by appropriate campus policy.


Pre-Trip Reimbursement: The employee or expense preparer should submit an Employee Reimbursement request in GMS accompanied by:

  • a receipt or credit card bill statement showing the advance ticket purchase, and
  • a receipt from any paper copy or web page.

Reimbursements for guests: In order for the University to reimburse guests, the guest must have a Supplier ID in GMS. Please see the Supplier Setup section for how to obtain a Supplier ID. A Miscellaneous Supplier Invoice Request must be submitted to supporting documentation (e-ticket, hotel folio, taxi cab receipt, meal receipts, etc.), including documentation that specifies the event/purpose for the guest to be reimbursed. The request is paid after GMS approval per the Signature Authorization Policy FA 127

International Per Diems: International per diems shall be processed as reimbursements, requiring proof of travel to international destination. The GSA International Per Diem rate table (See Section 8) is the table to be used for international travel, unless a lower rate is used pursuant to 5.7.e.v above. d. Per Diems at less than the federal rate: Per diems at less than the federal rate shall be processed as reimbursements, requiring proof of travel. In addition, the traveler needs to provide a statement verifying that they are requesting less than the full rate


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