Payments Policies, Procedures, Guides & Forms


All payees must register as a supplier and obtain a Supplier Account Number (SUP-XXXXXXX) in order to receive payment from the University.



Before proceeding with a payment request, confirm that the supplier has been set up in GMS with the intended default payment type. Payment types in GMS include 

  1. ACH payment, 
  2. Check payment – check [issued by GU] and may require special handling
  3. ViewPost- payment may be issued via virtual card, electronic check or a physical check 
  4. Wire Transfer payment  

Accounts Payable is responsible for processing each of the following types of GMS payment requests:

PO-based invoices 

Miscellaneous Supplier Invoice Requests (including but not limited to requests for wire transfer payments and honoraria payments); and 

Small Invoice Transmittal Form. For information regarding ProCard payments, please refer to the Procurement Card subsection.


Georgetown University requires purchase orders for non-ProCard payments above $500. GU personnel should request that suppliers send PO-based invoices directly to Accounts Payable. Sending PO-based invoices elsewhere may delay payment processing. Suppliers should direct PO-based invoices to the following address:

Georgetown University Accounts Payable
2121 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 400
PO Box 571165
Washington, DC 20057 

If needed, GU personnel may email PO-based invoices to campus-specific email inboxes as PDF documents.


Payment requests (for purposes such as Honoraria, Pre-approved Legal and Professional Services Expenses, Non-Employee Reimbursements, etc.) must be sent to Accounts Payable via GMS by creating a Miscellaneous Supplier Invoice Request. See Miscellaneous Supplier Request  Video .

The required documentation should be attached in GMS as a single PDF file using the following naming convention:

  • RequesterLastName_PaymentAmount_Payee_MMDDYY
  • (e.g., Buckley_250_Jones_031515)


Small Invoices (< $500.00)

Small invoices for non-contract and non-PO related expenses may be submitted to Accounts Payable by University Personnel with a Small Invoice Transmittal Form attached. One form per invoice is required.
For faster processing, please scan the invoice and combine it with the form into a single PDF file.

If the invoice has an invoice number, please save the document with the following naming convention:

RequesterLastName_Payee_Supplier Invoice Number_MMDDYY

(e.g., Jones_Microsoft_Inv003815_032515)

Then, email the saved file as an attachment to one of the campus specific email addresses:


To view the status of a submitted payment request, please click here and search by Campus for the specific payment request.

For other questions about the status of a payment request, please email