Gifts and Donations Policies, Procedures, Guides & Forms


The Financial Affairs Gift Employee Reimbursement Policy; (FA 112B) addresses the use of University funds for donations, contributions, or sponsorships. Donations, contributions, or sponsorships are defined as money or property given to another party for less than full value in return, either now or in the future. The value of the item in excess of the value received is the amount of the donation or contribution.

  • The miscellaneous payment must be requested through Accounts Payable for donation or sponsorship payments.
  • Reimbursements to staff for donations and sponsorships paid with personal funds will NOT be processed.
  • Donations and sponsorships are not permitted using the University Procurement Card.
  • Donations to any political campaign or party affiliation are strictly prohibited from a University fund source.

The Financial Affairs Gift Policy (FA 162) addresses the following:

  • Gifts to employees from Georgetown University
  • Gifts to non-employees from Georgetown University
  • Receipt of gifts by Georgetown University employees from external individuals or entities.


Donations, contributions, or sponsorships:

  • External donations and contributions above $250 should be submitted to the Chief Business Officer or Chief Financial Officer of the department before requesting payment through Accounts Payable. 
  • Donations are coded to the S0264 spend category.  Sponsorship payments are coded to the S0013 spend category.
  • Donations or sponsorships should be made to 501(c)(3) type organizations.
  • Please consult the Tax Department before committing to making any donation over $5,000 to an organization that is not a 501(c)(3)

Gifts to employees from Georgetown University

  • Tangible gifts of personal property that have a combined value of $99 or less during a calendar year are excludable from gross income.
  • Occasional tickets to University events are excludable from gross income. For the tax treatment and reporting of athletic and other event tickets purchased with University funds, please see Human Resources Policy Manual Policy Number 1015
  • Any cash or cash equivalents (e.g. gift certificates, credit card gift cards/gift checks) must be included in the recipient’s gross income regardless of the dollar amount
  • Retirement and farewell gifts purchased from University funds are allowed within the limitations outlined in Gift Policy
  • Use of University funds are not allowed for personal events such as baby and wedding showers or birthdays.
  • University funds may be used to express acknowledgement of bereavement, staff member’s illness, or the birth/adoption of a child. In general, this covers floral arrangements, candy or fruit basket, etc. In keeping with the above gift thresholds, expenses should be reasonable and customary for their intent.

Gifts to non-employees from Georgetown University

  • Georgetown does not have any reporting requirements to the IRS for gifts to an individual who is not a Georgetown employee and that is not in lieu of payment for services the individual has provided to the University.
  • Prizes and awards are not gifts and must be reported to the tax Department through the submission of Gift Award & Prize Policy Form.

Receipt of gifts by Georgetown University employees from external individuals or entities. 

  • Employees shall not accept gifts in excess of $100 per sources per calendar year. See Gift Policy for exceptions.


For questions or concerns, please contact John C. Kotwicki, Assistant Vice President for Tax, at (202) 687‐5449. E-mail