The following documents are required for every contract request, regardless of type:

  • Contract Request Cover Sheet – contains guidance and a list of required documentation to submit a contract in GMS.
  • GU Standard Template Agreement (see below drop-down menu for types) or Supplier Terms – the agreement must include a detailed scope of work that provides a description of services, deliverables, milestones, etc.
  • Certificate of Insurance (Document evidencing the vendor’s insurance coverages as required by the contract) or a completed Waiver of Insurance Form. For instruction on insurance requirements, please review the Office of Risk Management’s guidance.
  • Evidence of Appropriate Bids or a Sole/Single Source Justification Form for purchases greater than $10,000.
  • Addendum for the Protection of Minors – required only  if minors are included in the services, i.e. minors will be in attendance or participating in the goods/services.
  • Transportation Addendum – required for transportation services of more than 8 individuals if the supplier will not use the GU Transportation Template Agreement.

This contract type can be used for event-related procurement contract requests, including equipment/tent rental, A/V services, space rental, etc.

The following are required components as listed and where applicable:

Typically, hotels insist on using their terms and conditions for any type of transaction.  However, stakeholders should use the GU Standard templates (Domestic or International) if given the opportunity.

Refer to the User Guide – Create a Contract for Leases for more guidance on requirements.