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05/18/2023 Release Notes

  1. [Update] Revisonize has been replaced by Rewrite and Republish: Revisonize has become increasingly buggy and after research on our end, we’ve discovered it is incompatible with the WordPress block editor. For this reason, we have removed the Revisionize plugin and are now promoting the Rewrite and Republish function from Yoast which functions the same way without the bugs!
  2. [Bug fix] Quick Links are visible in the editor again: Quick Links were hiding in the editor after the latest WordPress release. We’ve found the issue and fixed the bug so you should now see the Quick Links fields in the editor.
  3. [Bug fix] Post titles appearing in browser tabs: Post titles were missing from browser tabs. We spotted this and they should be visible now!
  4. [Enhancement] Yoast SEO titles allowed: We activated the Yoast SEO title field and it will show any changes you make to the meta title field now. Thank you to our partners in the Graduate School for spotting this one!
  5. [In Progress Enhancements] Promo with Photo: We are beginning to build out the foundations for future carousel blocks. At this time, you can include more than one image in Promo with Photo. However, the JavaScript buttons are not available yet so this block will include only a simple scrollbar if multiple images are added. This block functionality is undergoing progressive enhancements over the next few months. We are doing this to make sure that it is backwards-compatible with older browsers and for those who do not have JavaScript enabled.
Release Notes