Content Strategy

Content strategy is more than just webpage design; it requires its own set of guidelines and best practices to better express your communications needs. Constructing your website with your audience in mind helps provide an engaging experience for your users. By following our recommended content process and referencing the other pages in this section you’ll be poised to create content that resonates with your audiences.

Web Services offers information on using Google Analytics for your sites, and learning more about Search Engine Optimization, while LinkedIn Learning maintains an extensive course on UX Foundations: Content Strategy.

Writing for the web is different than writing for print! Your users have a different mindset while scrolling and clicking, and your website needs to reflect that. Our guidelines here can help you out.

If you are also used to penning press releasing and lengthy policies, take a moment to review our recommendations for increasing traffic and readability.

The university also has a style guide for terms and grammar that you will want to reference while writing content for your website.

Our Website Editor Guide can help you and your department better manage and maintain your websites as well as provide guidance on how to onboard new website editors and manage employee transitions.