Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be a valuable tool for tracking user behavior on your website, but should always be used in conjunction with your overall content strategy process.

Every Georgetown-hosted WordPress site is configured in Google Analytics. To request access to your site’s data, please email Once you are given access, you can log in at any time at

Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4, Google’s new web analytics platform, replaced Universal Analytics in July 2023. The Web Services team has configured Georgetown-hosted WordPress websites in GA4, and your current access should mirror your previous UA access level.

Please refer to Web Services’ Google Analytics 4 documentation for more information.

Analytics Training and Resources

For site editors looking for comprehensive Google Analytics training, we highly recommend the Google Analytics 4 Skillshop courses. These online courses are free and only require a short registration with your Gmail account.

You can also reference Web Services’ Google Analytics 4 documentation for information on navigating the group property setup, enhanced measurement events, and accessing your historical Universal Analytics data.

Help with Google Analytics

Google Analytics Help Center provides excellent articles to support analytics users. If you have a specific question about your site’s analytics, please email, and we’d be happy to assist you.