Whitehaven Nu to 1789

What’s Different?

The1789 brings the beautiful appearance of georgetown.edu and the Walsh School of Foreign Service, to all content editors. The new theme incorporates major improvements in architecture and scalability as well as the addition of new components used by our existing sites. In addition, we have revamped and created some new blocks to make editing your content easier and more efficient. 

This theme is best suited for promotional sites with an emphasis on media and imagery. For more information on the theme, read our Design Philosophy.


It’s important to familiarize yourself with all of the blocks available in 1789 to take full advantage of the theme. You might have noticed there are some new blocks specific to 1789, while some blocks from the Whitehaven Nu theme are not available in 1789. For a detailed list of the blocks available to you in 1789, check out our block catalog.

Whitehaven Blocks Not Available in 1789:

New Blocks in 1789:

Page Templates

In the Whitehaven Nu theme, there were three page templates: landing page, landing page light, and default page.

There are two categories of page templates in 1789: A full-width page, which includes the homepage and landing page templates, and a fixed-width page, which includes the default, chaptered, and parent-child page templates.

Blocks in 1789 were designed with the intent to be used on certain page templates. For example, the People Stories block was designed to be used on full-width pages and is not meant to be used on fixed-width page templates. For more information on block usage for page templates, review our Block Component Guide.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Tips for Working in 1789