Design Philosophy

We are very excited to announce that we have a new theme available in our Georgetown shared templates! This new theme, affectionately known as 1789, after the founding year of the University, brings the beautiful appearance of the and the Walsh School of Foreign Service, to all content editors. The new theme incorporates major improvements in architecture and scalability as well as the addition of new components used by our existing sites.

This theme is best suited for promotional sites with an emphasis on media and imagery and will benefit from content adjustments including rewriting headlines and descriptions to conform to character length limits, rethinking the layout of landing pages, and choosing compelling visuals that work with a new set of requirements accompanying the design. The 1789 theme is not well suited for information-heavy resource-type sites, which are a better fit for the current theme they are using. 

The following are some basic tips when working with the 1789 theme.