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11/17/2022 Release Notes

  1. [New Feature] External Link Icon: We are excited to tell you that all external sites will now indicate this with an external link icon. Note that any page with georgetown.edu addresses will not show this external link icon.
  2. [New Feature] Excerpts on Archive Pages: You asked for this and we heard you! We’ve added the ability to display excerpts on our archive pages. This will happen automatically and the maximum number of characters displayed is 175.
  3. [Enhancement] Spacing between the last block and the footer: We’ve heard feedback that some of our pages need a little more breathing room before the footer. We’ve added space to the bottom of the last block on all pages with the exception of Explore More (which is designed to be flush with the footer).
  4. [Enhancement] Left-justified text on medium and large screen sizes in News and News by RSS Blocks: Text is easier to read on a medium or large screen when it is left-justified.
Release Notes