Supplier Payee Tax Page Error

If you receive a GMS page error notification that tax information is required to complete an Accounts Payable invoice, you have requested reportable payment to a Non-Reportable Supplier. The payee will need to provide tax documents before payment may be issued.

Steps for Payee to Update Supplier Record:

1) The Payee needs to complete and sign the appropriate tax form (i.e. Form W-9, Form W-8BEN or Form W-8BEN-E)

2) Scan and save the signed tax form as one PDF named the Supplier’s legal name (e.g., John_Smith.pdf).

3) Upload or email PDF copy of tax form to one of the following:

4) Request to update the existing Supplier ID for the payee via the  Supplier Request Form by selecting the Update: Change “Non-Reportable Supplier” to “Other” Category request type including the Supplier ID number with the request.