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02/07/2024 Release Notes

  1. [New Block] Split Content block added: This new block gives you two columns to input information and it will work with Headings, Paragraphs, Lists, Blockquotes, Images, Video, and Embeds. You can choose from the following column size ratios: 50/50, 75/25, 25/75, 66/33, or 33/66. Note: some embeds have a fixed size which will override your column size selection.
  2. [Enhancement] Page Template exceptions removed: We decided to strictly adhere to Page Template selection and removed the exception that existed for default child pages of parent child pages. Moving forward, if a parent page is using the parent child template, any default pages under that parent will no longer automatically include the parent child menu. If you want those pages to include the menu, you will need to update the template from default to parent child.
  3. [Bug fix] Load More issue resolved: We were alerted that the post filter page template included a bug which broke the Load more button. We found the issue and this release should bring back the load more functionality.
Release Notes