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02/09/2023 Release Notes

  1. [Bug Fix] Icon Grid Fixes: This fix restores the data in our Icon Grid block (formerly the Icon Card Deck). With this fix, you should be able to edit pages with the Icon Grid block without losing any data. We also updated the icon libraries so fewer icons should be missing now. If you find that icons are still missing, you will need to change the icon you used in the past to a newer version. We are no longer supporting version 4 FontAwesome icons. Our icon documentation page will be updated soon with more information.
  2. [Bug Fix] Safari Hover menu bug fix: We noticed that the hover indicator was acting incorrectly in Safari. Safari activity now matches the hover activity seen across Firefox and Chrome.
  3. [Update] Yoast: Yoast released a major update and is now at version 20.0. This new version changes the settings dashboard. Find out more about the Yoast changes.
  4. [Bug Fix] RSS Feeds now show images: We discovered an issue where RSS feeds were not displaying images that were present in the feed. This is now fixed and can be seen when using the News by RSS block.
  5. [Accessibility] Phone numbers: We made adjustments to the way that phone numbers are read by screen readers so that they pass AA standards.
  6. [Enhancement] Removed unnecessary notifications on the dashboard: Upgrade announcements and notifications should no longer appear on your dashboard, unless you are an administrator.
Release Notes