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04/09/2024 Release Notes

  1. [Bug Fix] Empty Footer Links no longer causes Siteimprove error: If a footer link was previously added, it couldn’t be fully removed and was being flagged in Siteimprove as an empty link on the frontend. This issue has been resolved on the backend.
  2. [Bug Fix] News by RSS vertical view oddity fixed: When an RSS feed only included one item and the block used the vertical layout, it would become centered. We adjusted the logic so that it is left justified to match the pattern of multiple-item vertical feeds.
  3. [Bug Fix] Remove whitespace working again on Promo with Photo: When we updated the Promo with Photo block to handle multiple images, it inadvertently deactivated the ability to remove whitespace. We have restored this ability! Note that images with captions will result in greater spacing below the block.
Release Notes