Updating the Footer

To edit the Footer, hover over the GU Custom Settings tab and select Site Information or Site Footer. The Site Information page contains fields for Address Information, Contact Numbers and Email, and Social Media Links. The Site Footer page contains fields for Office Hours and Extra Footer Links.

Site Information

Address Information

View of Address Information fields on the Site Information page.

Contact Numbers and Email

View of Contact fields on the Site Information page.

Social Media Links

The social media links field.

To add social media links to your footer, select the social media platform (i.e. Facebook, Instagram etc.) from the list of Social Media Sites. Then enter the corresponding URL into the “Profile URL field”.

To Add more Social Media Links, select the “Add another social media link” button. To delete a social media link, click the red minus sign to the right of the link editor.

The social media links field with options to delete and add more highlighted.

Office Hours

View of Office Hours field on the Site Footer page.

To add hours of operation for your department/office, locate “Office Hours”, add the hours to the text box.

The extra footer links field.

The Extra Footer Links will add another link to the right of the “Full Site Menu” link.

To link to a post or page on the current site, select the “Link to Post” option and search for the post/page in the “select a post” field.

To link to an external webpage, select the External Link option and enter the webpage URL and the corresponding link text.

To add more Extra Footer Links, select the “Add More” button.

To delete an Extra Footer Link, click the red minus sign to the right of the link editor.

The extra footer links field with the delete and add more options highlighted.