Visual Identity

The information on this page serves as a brief introduction to the important components of visual identity. For more information, you can reference the full visual identity guidelines.


Color is a powerful tool that provides a quick means of identification. Be sure to follow the Visual Identity guidelines on official Georgetown University colors.


Adobe Caslon is the official typeface for Georgetown University, and is used on WordPress sites for all h1, h2, and h6 heading levels. Backup typefaces for these elements, for display on systems without Javascript support, are Georgia and Times New Roman.

Proxima Nova is used for h3, h4, and h5 heading levels, and most other text content across the theme. Backup typefaces for these elements, for display on systems without Javascript support, are Helvetica and Arial.


Logos play an important role in conveying a unified branding and visual identity. Logo guidelines fit within the context of different communications and may require different usage. Departments, centers, and initiatives should make sure to consult the full logo visual identity guidelines when developing new logos or for questions about how to use logos in various forms of communication.

Photography and Images

Georgetown University’s stock library is housed in Photoshelter. The photo catalogue is separated into two sections: visual identity and stock library. The visual identity section contains curated photos that best represent Georgetown. It is updated annually. The stock library contains recent photography that can be used for websites and Georgetown University publications.

To download images, visit the Photoshelter login page and enter your Georgetown NetID and password. After logging in, you will see both the Public and Invited Galleries sections. 

The Public section contains the Visual Identity images. The Invited Galleries section contains faculty and staff headshots, as well as the stock library.