Navigation Menus

Navigation menus are a feature that allow users to easily move around your site and provide the structure for how content on your site is related.

The main navigation menu is the primary navigational tool for your website and appears in multiple locations on your site. You can adjust certain aspects of the top level navigation menu by adjusting your site settings.

Parent Pages and Menus

Setting a parent page adds the parent page’s URL slug (as well as the preceding parent page URL slugs) to the full URL of the current page. For example, the full URL for the Headings block documentation page is:

As you can see, the URL slug for the Headings page (/heading) comes last, preceded by its parent page URL slug (/common-blocks/), which is preceded by the previous parent page URL slug (/block-catalog/). Setting parent pages is not required and is not related to the menu, but it is helpful to match the parent page structure to the menu structure so users can rely on both of these options to help them understand the relationship between the pages on your site.

Parent pages can be set in the editor for a page in the right side panel under the Page Attributes header.

Screenshot showing the right side panel of a page editor with the page attributes section highlighted including the parent page selector.