Documents & PDFs

WordPress at Georgetown will not host uploaded documents, so all files linked to from your site must be added to a Box account under, either with a personal NetID or an Administrative NetID. You can then upload your files to this account, make them publicly accessible, and link to them from your site.

This page covers the steps for linking to a file stored in your Box account. For further assistance, we also have instructions for using Box files and folders, which also includes information on how to copy URLs for sharing and linking.

Linking to Your Document or PDF

On your site, go to the page where you would like to include your document, and edit the page.

Highlight the text you want to link. Click the link button in the toolbar.

View of a paragraph with highlighted text and the link icon outlined in the toolbar.
The link button in the toolbar, outlined by the red box in the screenshot above, allows you to add a URL to highlighted text.

In the dialog box that opens, paste the URL of your document and click the apply button.

View of adding a box link to text in the editor.
The apply button, outlined by the red box in the screenshot above, applies the URL to the highlighted text to create a link.

Save and publish your page.