Request a New Site

If you need a website for a Georgetown department or office, an academic degree program, or a university initiative or project, you may be eligible for a WordPress at Georgetown site. (If you need a website for something else, like a blog or a faculty bio, check out these website options instead.)

To request a WordPress at Georgetown site:

  1. Please email Web Services and, in your email, be sure to include the permanent point of contact (POC) for your site, a link to your existing website (if applicable), and a short description of why you are requesting a WordPress at Georgetown site.
  2. Web Services will get back to you shortly to determine if a WordPress at Georgetown site is right for you, or if another option like Google Sites might be more suitable for your needs.
  3. If a new domain and certificate is needed, a Web Services representative will coordinate the request. New domain requests must be approved by UIS and the Office of Communications, and adhere to certain domain requirements.
  4. If the domain request is approved, Web Services will set up a stage site with either the Whitehaven Nu or the 1789 theme enabled.

If you already have a website and would like help re-organizing it, feel free to email Web Services!