01/04/2024 Release Notes

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  • [Tech Debt] Removed blocks from the block inserter in Whitehaven Nu: We removed some problematic and out of date blocks from the block inserter. These include: group, stack, row, page break, preformatted, image text CTA, embeds and widgets that are not frequently used, code, shortcode, and comments. If these blocks are on your page, they will still work, but new ones cannot be added.
  • [Bug Fix] Bulk update for Gu360 profiles is working again: We received a report that the bulk update option has stopped working. We investigated and released a fix!
  • [Tech Debt] Updated the Twitter icon to X and added Threads: We know you’ve been waiting for this and we are happy to report that the Twitter icon has been updated to X in all of the non-core blocks. We also added Threads as an option in the Site Information section so that you can add it to your site footer if you have an account.