10/27/2022 Release Notes

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  1. [New Feature] Autoupdate of Profiles from GU360: We are excited to bring you this new ability to update all profiles from GU360 with the simple push of our new “Update GU360 Profiles” button located in the Profiles section. All GU360 profiles will display a check mark (✅) next to their name to indicate they are in the system. After pressing the button, any changes to a profile in GU360 will be marked with a star (⭐) next to their name. To accept these changes, please go into their profile, review the changed items and press Update.
  2. [New Feature] Profiles can be manually selected in the People Profiles block: You are no longer constrained to your existing profile groups! You can now select individual profiles by choosing the Manual Selection option. We also made sure that all images are displayed using a 1:1 ratio.