4/23/2020 Release Notes

Posted in Release Notes

  1. [New Feature] DP Site Manager has been added as a new role for the main georgetown.edu site and SFS sites. DP Site Managers should be the primary contact(s) for the site. For more information on DP Site Manager permissions, check out our User Roles documentation page.
  2. [New Feature] The Photo Gallery block is now available! This block will allow you to display multiple images in a gallery that will rotate using the pagination in the bottom right corner. Visit our Photo Gallery documentation for more information.
  3. [Updated Feature] The Button block has a new look in the editor. Visit our updated Button block documentation to learn more about how it works. If you experience any issues with existing buttons on your site, please see our block recovery documentation or feel free to contact webservices@georgetown.edu with any issues or questions.
  4. [New Feature] You can now sort by “Last modified” in the All Pages or All Posts view in the editor, which will also display the netid or name of the person who made the most recent edit.
  5. [New Feature] You can now add information about office hours in the footer of your site. Reference our footer documentation to find more information about this new feature.
  6. [Updated Feature] WordPress updated! The editor in WordPress now has a cleaner and simpler user interface. The left menu sidebar is now hidden; clicking the WordPress logo in the top left corner will take you to the Dashboard.