Creating drafts of existing pages

Posted in Tips and Tricks

From the May 2020 edition of The Cache

One feature that’s important to many editors, but is missing from the standard WordPress set-up is the ability to create drafts of already existing pages. This can be helpful when making major revisions to an existing pages or if you need to get input or approval from your colleagues. We’ve added the option for this feature, but it needs to be activated on a site-by-site basis by Web Services. You can email to request this feature be turned on for your GU WordPress website. 

In GU WordPress, this feature is called “Revisionize” and allows editors to create drafts of existing pages where you can experiment with new layouts and share drafts of these revisions. The Revisionize workflow can be a little tricky at first so you should make sure to consult our Revisionize documentation the first few times you’re using this feature.