Google Analytics

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From the February 2020 edition of The Cache

Thanks to everyone who filled out our Annual Satisfaction Survey earlier this year! Based on the feedback we received, we’re sharing some tips and tricks to improve your website.

Almost 75% of respondents to the survey indicated interest in learning more about using analytics on traffic and visitor data to help inform web decisions. All Web Services sites are set up with Google Analytics, which provides information on who is using your site and which pages are the most popular. If you don’t already have access to Google Analytics, feel free to email and we can get you all set up! 

There’s a lot of useful information in Google Analytics, but it can be difficult to discern what’s relevant and what’s not. It’s important to remember that Google Analytics data should always be viewed within the context of your overall content process, and your website goals in particular. A great place to start building your Google Analytics skills is with the following resources: