User Roles

User roles determine the access level or permissions of a person authorized (invited by an Administrator) to use a GU WordPress site.

Each user role is capable of everything that a less powerful role is capable of. In other words, Editors can do everything Authors can do, Authors can do everything Contributors can do, and so on.

The roles are listed here from least powerful to most powerful. Please contact if you have additional questions about user roles.


  • Create and edit only their own posts and pages.
  • Cannot publish pages or posts.
  • When a Contributor’s post or page is ready to be published, the Contributor must notify an Editor or Site Manager to review it.
  • Once a Contributor’s post or page is approved and published, it can no longer be edited by the Contributor.
  • Contributors do not have the ability to upload files or images, but they can see the site’s stats.


  • Create, edit, publish, and delete only their own posts and pages. 
  • Upload files and images.
  • Authors cannot modify posts or pages by other users.


  • Create, edit, publish, and delete all posts and pages (not just their own).
  • Manage categories, tags, and links.
  • Update the site footer.

Site Manager

  • Considered the primary person(s) of contact for the site. There should only be 1-2 site managers per site.
  • Create and edit all posts, pages, categories, tags, and menus.
  • Access to site settings page where they can update the site footer.
  • Can add and remove users from the site.


  • Only Web Services has this role.
  • Has full power over the site and can do everything related to site administration.