WordPress at Georgetown will not host uploaded documents, so all files linked to from your site must be added to a Box account, either with a personal NetID or an Administrative NetID. You can then upload your files to this account, make them publicly accessible, and link to them from your site.

Contact if you need assistance setting up an Administrative NetID account.

Uploading a Document to Box

Login through the Georgetown Box portal.

Click Upload, and either Upload Files or Upload Folders, depending on what documents you wish to include in Box. Most often, users wish to upload a file.

View of File tab in the Upload dropdown on the Box website
The Box Upload button, with the File selection outlined by the red rectangle in the screenshot above, will upload your document or PDF to your Box account.

A dialog box will appear. Select the file or folder you want to upload.

Your uploaded document will not be public by default. In order for others to see the document, you must make the document or folder public. To the right of the document or folder, click the Share button.

View of a file in Box with the Share button outlined in red.
The Share button, outlined by the red rectangle in the screenshot above, will change the sharing options for the selected document.

Enable the Share Link toggle, and beneath the URL, select People with the link and the type of access you would like them to have: can view and download, or can view only.

View of the link sharing settings in Box.
The Share Link options, in the screenshot above, will allow you to change the availability options for accessing documents in your Box folders.

This will allow visitors, even those outside Georgetown, to access the document.

Copy the link that appears. If you wish to make this document available to others, this is the link they can use to access your document. For example, to make a document available on your department’s website, this is the URL you will use when adding the Box link in WordPress.