3/05/2020 Release Notes

Posted in Release Notes

  1. [Bug Fix] Previously, clicking on an anchor link would sometimes place you below the heading and not take the user to the correct place on the page. Now, clicking on an anchor link will bring you flush with the appropriate heading.
  2. [Bug Fix] Updates were made to the Filterable Content block to make it more accessible for screen reader users. Filterable checkboxes and radio buttons now have distinct labels and filterable content can be selected by tabbing with the keyboard.
  3. [Updated Feature] The Events block editor got a redesign! In the block settings, you will now see the Title Heading Level and Number of Events fields as well as instructions on how to find your calendar’s Localist ID.
  4. [Updated Feature] The Paired Content block has an updated design in the editor! The toggle option to display the Paired Content as expandable content is also now functional. For more information, check out our documentation for Paired Content.
  5. [Updated Feature] You are now able to specify the size of your Data Table by row and column number rather than having to add each individually. Check out our Data Table documentation for more information.