Paired Content

A paired content block associates text with a heading. This can be useful for creating visually appealing and uniform FAQ pages. This block also allows editors to move all of the associated content as one block instead of separately.

To add a paired content block, search for “paired content” in the block search and select the Paired Content Group option. The block will appear in the editor.

The Paired Content block icon is outlined in red under the block search bar.

To add content, type the heading content (the content that will appear bold on the page) into the top “Term” field, and type the associated content in the second text field.

A blank Paired Content block with two blank terms to be filled in and defined.

To add another Paired Content block, click on the plus sign at the bottom of the Paired Content Group and select the “Single Paired Content” option. A blank Paired Content will appear in the editor.

After clicking on the plus sign at the bottom of the Paired Content Group, a single paired content block icon is outlined in red.

To delete a Paired Content, click on the three dots associated with the block to open the block settings. Select the “remove block” option.

The remove block option is outlined in red in the block’s three dot settings.

To customize the appearance of a Paired Content Group, click on the Paired Content Group in the editor and the block settings will appear on the right side of the page. This editor will change the appearance of every Paired Content in the group.

Under “Display options” you have the option to display your content as expandable content.

The Paired Content block settings with the display expandable option outlined in red.



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