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01/19/2023 Release Notes

Vertical option in News by RSS now functional in 1789! Icon Card Deck updated to Icon Grid. Bug fixes for Featured stories, News, Events, Gallery, and GU360.…

January 19, 2023


11/17/2022 Release Notes

External Link Icon, Excerpts on Archive Pages, Spacing between last block and footer, and Left-justified text on medium and large screen sizes in News and News by RSS.…

November 17, 2022


10/27/2022 Release Notes

Autoupdate of GU360 Profiles, headings for grid blocks, responsive logo fix, and introducing CSS.…

October 28, 2022


09/15/2022 Release Notes

Updates to the menus and font for text-based.…

September 16, 2022


09/01/2022 Release Notes

New Feature: An extended character set is now available by!…

August 31, 2022


6/23/2022 Release Notes

[Updated Feature] Some updates to the Admin UI of the Link CTA block were made. Check out the updated Link CTA documentation for more details!Note: This also applies to blocks…

August 12, 2022


7/14/2022 Release Notes

[New Feature] Web Services has been working on a new Profile system that uses the People Profiles block. The People Profiles block combines profiles from the Profile Group and…

July 14, 2022


6/30/2022 Release Notes

A new feature to highlight an important link in your Utility.…

July 1, 2022


6/23/2022 Release Notes

A couple of updates to existing blocks including new block styles for the Image Text CTA block, and the ability to create filterable Data.…

June 24, 2022


6/16/2022 Release Notes

[Updated Feature] Updates to the spacing and padding for the Utility menu and blocks, including the Explore More and Grid blocks, were.…

June 17, 2022