Information For Menu

The Information For menu is an audience-specific menu. You can use this menu to direct different audiences to pages relevant to them. For example, an Information For menu may have tabs such as “Parents”, “Alumni”, “Students” and “Prospective Students”, to direct users to the most relevant information to those audiences. The Information For menu should list audiences in order of the most important audience you are trying to reach (i.e., prospective, current, alumni, faculty/staff). This menu appears in the header of the webpage.

View of Information For menu in the upper right-hand corner of the site.
A user hovers their cursor over the Information For menu options.

To create an Information For menu, go to “Appearance” > “Menus”. This will open the Menu editor.

There select the “create a new menu” option and title the menu “Information For”. Select “Create Menu”.

The create a new menu tab and the create menu tab are outlined in red in the WP editor in the appearance page.

Add the appropriate pages and sub pages to the menu. View the Main Navigation section for instructions on adding and organizing menu items.

Then, find the “Menu Settings” section below the “Menu Structure”. Here, check the box next to the ‘Information for’ menu option and save the menu.

Under Menu Name “Information For” and with “Information for” Menu display location box checked off, Save Menu button is outlined.

If the Information For menu does not appear, email to enable the Information For menu.