Card Deck

In this section, you can learn how to create groups of cards or different types of card decks.

Card decks arrange several cards together. These card decks are responsive, meaning they will display in a different number of Cards per row based on the screen size. On mobile screens, these Cards will stack in one column. Icons can also be added to Profile, Call to Action and Info card decks.

There are 4 types of cards that can be put into decks, or groups of cards:

Info Card Deck example.

Info Card Deck

An info card deck should be used when you want to highlight a group of related information that should stand out to your audience. This card deck can also provide information to your audience when a…

Profile Card Deck example.

Profile Card Deck

Profile cards should be used when you want to highlight a person and related details, such as how to contact them. To add a profile card deck, click the “add block” icon and search for…

Call to Action Card Deck example.

Call to Action Card Deck

Call to action card decks should be used when you want to invoke a certain response from your audience. They should include action-oriented text for the link. The content of a call to action card…

Image Overlay Card Deck example.

Image Overlay Card Deck

An image overlay card should be used when you have a photo that connects with the web page you are linking to. They are mostly used on Landing Pages in order to direct users to further…