Reusable Blocks

Reusable blocks allow you to quickly replicate content across different Pages and Posts. When you update a reusable block, all changes will be updated on every page that uses this reusable block.

To add a reusable block, click on any existing block and open the block settings by selecting the three dots in the toolbar. Then select “Add to Reusable Blocks”.

Editor view with the three vertical dots clicked and outlined in red with the “add to Reusable Blocks” tab underneath outlined in red.

Next, name the reusable block so that it can be easily found later and select “Save”.

Display of the naming slot for a reusable block in the editor.

To insert a reusable block on a new page/post, go to the block search and scroll down to the reusable block section. Note, newly created reusable blocks may take up to 5 minutes to appear in this section.

In the Reusable section of the block search, scroll over the desired block to see a preview. Click on the desired block and it will appear on the page/post.

View of reusable blocks in the editor with the newly created button outlined in red.

To convert an instance of a reusable block into a regular block, press the options button (three vertical dots) and select the “Convert to Regular Block.” This option can be useful if you have a standard template for a block, but would like to make specific changes that won’t apply on other pages.

View of the reusable block options menu with convert to regular block option highlighted.

Note that the “Convert to Regular Block” only applies to the particular instance of this block on the page you are editing. This option is different from the “Remove from Reusable Blocks,” which will remove this block from the Reusable Block options making it unavailable for reuse.

To view a list of all reusable blocks, select the Manage All Reusable Blocks link. This will take you to the block editor.

Hyperlink, “Manage All Reusable Blocks,” is outlined in red at the button of the page.

Clicking the red “Trash” link will delete a reusable block.

Clicking the title or the “edit” option will open a page where edits can be made to the reusable block.

Display of all blocks with Edit, Trash, and Export as JSON outlined in red.
  • Change the name of the block by editing the Title field.
  • Change the contents of the reusable block by editing the body of the block in the same way that a page or post would be edited. There is no limit to the type or amount of blocks that can be added to a singular reusable block.
  • Schedule when a reusable block is updated the same way that a page or post would be scheduled.
  • Delete the block by selecting the “Move to Trash” button.
  • To save changes, click the update button. All changes will be updated on every page that uses this reusable block.