Social Media Embed

Most social media feeds can be embedded into a WordPress page. To do this, search for the appropriate embed block and click on it to begin the process. When searching for a block, there is a dropdown menu labeled “Embed” that holds social media feeds and other types of feeds as well.

Display of menu of embeds.

Once you click on the block you want, enter the URL of what you want to embed. You can embed specific posts or entire feeds depending on the URL you post.

View of prompt to enter a twitter URL.

The block can also be aligned left, center, or right. The alignment options are located in the upper-left corner of the block.

Twitter embed block, illustrating the options for aligning the block left, center, or right, and for entering the URL for embedding

Here is an example of an embedded feed:

View of an embedded Tweet.

Here is an example of an embedded post:

View of an embedded Tweet.