People Profiles

The People Profiles block displays profiles from the new combined profiles system. Make sure you have created profiles for your site before adding the block.

To add the People Profiles block, click the “+” symbol and search for “People Profiles”. Then, select the People Profiles block icon.

The People Profiles block icon in the WordPress block inserter.

First, add an optional Heading and Link CTA to the block.

An empty People Profiles block in the WordPress editor. The Heading and Link CTA portions of the block are highlighted in a red box.

Next, select the desired profile groups in the block tab of the inspector panel. If you do not see any Profile Groups, you can create a Profile Group by going to New Profiles > Profile Groups.

The block tab of the People Profiles' inspector panel. The Profile Groups are highlighted in a red box.

Creating a Profile

To create a profile, navigate to New Profiles > Add New from your dashboard.

For Profiles with a GU Net ID

Enter the Net ID of the person in the Georgetown Net ID field. Then, click Check Net ID.

The New profile page with the Georgetown Net ID and Check Net ID button highlighted in a red box.

If the person has a profile in GU360, their information will automatically be retrieved. If the person is not in GU360, you’ll need to manually enter their information. All profiles must have:

  • A first and last name
  • At least one title
  • An image

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see options to add the profile to a Profile group. Once you’ve made your changes to the profile, click the Publish button.

View of the right-hand side of the Add New Profile page. The Profile Group section and the Publish button are highlighted in a red box.

For Profiles without a GU Net ID

Check the Net ID Unavailable box. Then, manually enter the profile information.

Screenshot of the Add New Profile page. The Net ID Unavailable checkbox is checked.

Once you’ve entered the information for the profile, click the Publish button.

Creating a Profile Group

To create a Profile Group, navigate to the Profile Groups page from your dashboard by going to New Profiles > Profile Groups.

Next, give your group a name, slug, an optional parent profile group, and an optional description. Then, click the “Add New Profile Group” button.

The Profile Group page with the add new profile group button highlighted in a red box.

Once you’ve created the Profile Group, you’ll need to assign profiles to the group. To assign a profile to a group, navigate to the New Profiles page in WordPress.

Next, select the profiles you wish to assign to the group by checking the box to the left of the name. In the Bulk Actions dropdown list, select Edit then Apply.

The New Profiles page with 3 profiles selected and the Bulk Actions dropdown list and the Apply button highlighted in a red box.

Choose the desired Profile Group and click Update.

The expanded Bulk Edit options with the update and Profile Groups sections highlighted in a red box.