Stats Grid

To add a stats block, search for “Stats Grid” in the block search or locate the stats block under “Information”. Select the Stats Grid block.

Stats block icon outlined in red under the block search bar.

The block editor will open with a default of three stats blocks. Add a number, year, or statistic in the Stat title field. Add an optional stat title or description in the appropriate fields.

Stat Grid block in the editor with content  filled in for the first of three stats.

To add a link to a Stat item, paste the URL in the link field of the inspector panel under Stat Item Link.

Block tab of the inspector panel with the Stat Item Link field highlighted in red.

Stats Block Example

94.9%Graduation RateOne of the highest in the country
6,835Undergraduate StudentsFall of 2017 Enrollment
3,115,408BooksThe library has an extensive collection for students to use