Explore More

The Explore More block provides an easy and visually appealing way to go to similar content. To add the Explore More block, click the “+” symbol and search for “Explore More”. Then, select the Explore More block icon.

explore more block search with "+" button and explore more button highlighted with a red box

Editing the Explore More block

The block editor for the Explore More block has fields for an image and a link.

You’ll first need to select an image by uploading or selecting one from the media library for each Explore More block.

explore more block with "upload" and "media library" buttons highlighted in a red box

Once you have added your image, you should see a new field appear for your link. Type your desired link text, then click the link icon to add your URL.

An Explore More block in the WordPress editor with the link icon open and highlighted in a red box.

Explore More Example