Expandable Content

Expandable content in WordPress are heading-style expandable links. Heading-style expandable links have a heading link that acts as a trigger to expand and collapse a container of content. There is no minimum; a page may contain as few as one expandable section and as many as you like. You can use this block to make text-heavy content more digestible; FAQs are a good use case for this type of block.

To add the Expandable Content block, click the “+” symbol and search for “Expandable Content”. Then, select the Expandable Content block icon.

expandable content block search with "+" button and expandable content block icon highlighted with a red box

Editing an Expandable Content block

First, add text into the “Show/hide link text” field to create a heading.

An empty expandable content block in the WordPress editor with the heading field highlighted in a red box.

Then, add content to the associated field beneath the heading by typing in the field or inserting a paragraph, list, or image. This content will appear when the heading is clicked.

Expandable content block in the WordPress editor with the content section highlighted in a red box.

Expandable Content Group

Similar to the Expandable Content block, the Expandable Content Group block can be used to make text-heavy content more digestible. The Expandable Content Group has the added functionality of an Expand All or Collapse All link that will expand or collapse all Expandable Content blocks in the group.

The WordPress editor with the block inserter open showing the expandable content group block.


Blocks you can add in expandable content:

  • Lists
  • Images
  • Paragraphs
View of the Hariri Building on Georgetown University’s campus.

Close up of Jack the Bulldog with Healy Hall blurred in the background.

Jack the Bulldog is the university’s official mascot – a well-known figure who is a beloved presence at Georgetown sports events. According to the American Kennel Club, Jack ranks eighth among the 125 most famous dogs in pop culture.

The class of 1964 brought the first Jack the Bulldog to campus in 1962. According to popular legend, the puppy refused to answer to the name that students gave him (Hoya) and only responded to “Jack.” The current mascot is often seen skateboarding across the court during games.

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