Stats Grid

The Stats Grid block can be used to group or highlight easily digestible data points. To add the Stats block, click the “+” symbol and search for “Stats Grid”. Then, select the Stats block icon.

Stats block icon outlined in red under the block search bar.

Editing a Stats block

The block editor will open with a default of three stats blocks and has fields for a stat, a stat label, and a description.

Add a number, year, or statistic in the Stat field. Next, add a stat title and optional description in the appropriate fields.

Stat Grid block in the editor with content  filled in for the first of three stats.

To add a link to a Stat item, paste the URL in the link field of the inspector panel under Stat Item Link.

Block tab of the inspector panel with the Stat Item Link field highlighted in red.

You can add a background image to the Stat Grid in the inspector panel.

Background image option of the inspector panel for the Stats Grid block.

Stats Example

1789Year FoundedThe first Jesuit University in the United States
123Service Projectsfor Graduate and Undergraduate students