The Gallery block can be used to display multiple images in a grid format. To add the Gallery block, click the “+” symbol and search for “Gallery”. Then, select the Gallery block icon.

View of the Gallery block in the WordPress block inserter.

Editing a Gallery Block

Like the Image block, once the Gallery block is opened in the desired location, you can upload your images or select images from the existing Media Library.

View of a blank Gallery block in the WordPress editor with the upload and Media Library options highlighted in a red box.

Once you have selected your images hit the “Create a new gallery” button in the bottom right corner of the Media Library.

View of the Gallery block with the Media library open to select images.

You will then be able to edit your gallery by rearranging the order of your images, or by adding more images. Once you are happy with your gallery, hit “Insert gallery”.

View of the edit Gallery screen.

Once the gallery has been inserted into the page, you can adjust the layout of your images by adjusting the number of columns in the block tab of the inspector panel.

View of the Gallery block settings.

Gallery Guidelines

The purpose of the photo gallery is to showcase memorable and eye-catching imagery to your readers. To achieve this, we recommend the following: