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01/19/2023 Release Notes

  1. [New Feature] Vertical Option in News by RSS now functional in 1789: The News by RSS block now has a functional vertical display like it does in Whitehaven Nu.
  2. [Bug Fix] Fixed display of Featured Stories, News and Events blocks on Landing pages and Homepages: When updates were made to Featured Stories on Chaptered Pages, changes were inadvertently made to the Featured Stories, News and Events blocks on landing and home pages. These have since been corrected and they should display as they used to prior to our November 2022 deployment.
  3. [Enhancement] Icon Card Deck updated: We rebuilt this block to perform better when using screen readers, and to automatically update when new style changes are pushed out.
  4. [Bug Fix] Gallery Block formatting bug fixed: Galleries have returned to their non-vertical appearance.
  5. [Bug Fix] Handling GU360 profiles without titles: Pages including people with non-existent titles will no longer break.
Release Notes